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Community Hall Projects: Request for Proposals
The LCA executive has identified a few projects that we want to proceed with as soon as possible. The following items are offered as paid work, unless someone comes forward to volunteer for any of them.
Playground Equipment Installation: The project is to install the playground equipment, including pouring concrete, assembly, removing burrs and sharp projections, and some welding.
Outdoor Stage Roof: The project is to install a post-and-beam log structure and metal roof to cover the outdoor stage. Concrete has been poured for the corner posts, and we have an offer of logs for the main structure.
Fencing Completion: The project is complete the perimeter fencing around the hall. Missing sections needed from the swamp, near the propane tank, to the corner of the willow fence nearest the generator shed; and from behind the outdoor stage, around the new well and barbeque area, to connect with the back of the hall.
Gate construction: The project is to construct 3 metal gates, large enough for vehicles. The front gate should have visual appeal; the other 2 gates can be utilitarian. 

Please respond to: lca_board [at] lasqueti [dot] ca




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