While travelling in SE Asia I am writing a blog to share. Places,people, travel experiences, bad good and better. Whether you are staying home and want to read about sunny places, or you are on the road, these notes will try to amuse you, inform you, and give you some idea of how it is in some very foreign places.

    I am travelling alone, recently seperated, and seeking to experience life as me, not as part of a couple,  having to reach out to connect with strangers. So far people have been very kind and helpful. As you know, everyone wants to be acknowleded and respected for who they are and for their customs. Smiles breech language barriers!

   Forgive the frequent typos. The blog is often written under flickering lights with fans giving a disorienting strobe light effect. Let me reccomend, whether you are at home on Lasqueti or on the road, having Adam load music on your devices. Stuff you've never heard, your favorites, or a mix, tunes help. Crashing down roads that make Main road look like a superhighway, on failing buses, with distorted music on old speakers competing with the happy shouts of crammed in passengers, it's nice to have tunes to tune the uproar out!

  So I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and look forward to the spring...Jack


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