French Creek Harbour News

French Creek News - October 2019

Parking Changes to Come  

The French Creek Harbour Authority (FCHA) staff and Board of Directors have begin a multi year process of trying to improve the traffic flow in the harbour. As part of this initiative there will be some parking changes. As your member on the Board I support these changes in principal and asked that no final decisions be made until our October meeting thus allowing me to notify the relevant LCA committees and the community as a whole. 

Overall Lasqueti will gain parking spaces, enough to eliminate the existing waiting list and perhaps a few others if more qualified applications for parking are submitted to the French Creek Parking Committee c/o Lisa Johnson. Lasqueti will also see some parking spaces moved from the existing area to the parking area by the estuary (beyond the pub). This is to provide increased parking to other harbour users, especially those who use the float access nearer to the office. 

All of the new spaces and approximately 10 spaces from the existing area will be located on the estuary side of the harbour. A somewhat longer walk with a bit less direct sea spray as a trade off.  For a good part of the year, especially when the weather is crappy, the remaining Lasqueti parking area will likely be sufficient to service the cars that remain through the entire winter. 

Oversold Parking and No Spaces Available

Part of the way that the Lasqueti parking works at French Creek is an ongoing experiment in good will, cooperation and trust. Every year more parking passes are sold than there are actual green zone spots. This is due to a long standing agreement between the LCA parking committee (they manage the Lasqueti parking) and the FCHA (they manage the parking and hand out the green zone passes). The principle of the agreement is that the likelihood of everybody being at home on Lasqueti at the same time is quite rare. Historical observations showed the FCHA staff that it happened only once or twice a year. The LCA committee and the harbour staff agreed that on those rare occasions green zone pass holders could park in other parts of the harbour. Lasqueti parkers are advised of this on their application and on the back of the actual pass. The protocol is to notify the office if you need to park outside of the green zone. If you have time, drop into the office and talk with the staff. If you are running for the boat, give them a call.

So far this agreement has worked pretty well and it has allowed considerably more Lasquetians to attain green zone passes. However this year there was a wrinkle in the “good will” part of the agreement. Staff reported to me that some individuals were angry and hostile when the spots were full. The staff was rightfully upset. They do not feel that they should have to endure such behaviour, especially around something that benefits Lasqueti and is based on trust and cooperation. The parking committee has agreed to remind all users in their annual application about the overselling. 

Staff have been advised that such behaviour is grounds for revoking parking privileges in the harbour. In the longer term, if rude behaviour continues, the agreement to oversell will be rescinded and Lasqueti will loose parking flexibility.

New Shelter

The new shelter overlooking the concrete float and ferry landing is now ready for use. The harbour staff have worked on the project through the summer and the area looks very nice and offers a dry place away from traffic to wait for the boat. Still to come are some wind breaks along both sides of the shelter but staff assures me that they are on the way. I hope that everyone that used to use the former concrete box enjoys the new shelter and finds it suitable for their “dry place” needs. I’d like to note that there are no ashtrays in the shelter because it is a no smoking area. Please do not smoke up there. 

Garbage at the Harbour

All garbage facilities at the harbour are intended for waste that is either generated on-site or by mariners while at sea. The harbour does not accept household waste from any users. 



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