VAKA Street Casting is looking for people to be a part of a personal photo project for a large sustainability focused fashion brand featuring a climate change conscious collection. 

This is not a campaign, it’s a personal project and everyone involved is working for free. Photos will be featured only online and on social media. 

Shoots: 12th and 13th of October.
Shoot time: Around 1 hour shoot with each person
Clothing: One outfit from weather conscious capsule collection per person. Might be mixed with personal clothing. 

Stylist: Lee Trigg who was born and raised in Nanaimo but is currently living in London, UK. 
Photographer: Lee Whitaker, photographer based in London, UK. 
Street Casting: Katrin Braga, a photographer and street casting scout from Iceland living in Vancouver.

Email vakastreetcasting [at] gmail [dot] com with info about yourself and a photo if you want to be involved! Or you can call Katrin: 778 829 6961. 


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