LOW Fire Danger Rating

Our Fire Danger Rating has been reduced to LOW. There are now no restrictions on high risk activities.

Category 2 fires are still prohibited. Specifically, this prohibition applies to:

* the burning of any material (piled or unpiled) smaller than two metres high and three metres wide;

* the burning of stubble or grass over an area less than 2,000 square metres;

* the use of fireworks, firecrackers, sky lanterns, burning barrels or burning cages of any size or description; and

* the use of binary exploding targets (e.g., for rifle target practice).

The prohibition applies to all public and private land unless specified otherwise.

Please don’t light up your burn piles yet!

I will post when this prohibition is lifted.

Campfires are still allowed. However, they should never be left unattended, should be smaller than 0.5m wide x 0.5m high (smaller is better), and should be put out so that the ashes of the fire are cool to the touch. Please have tools and water nearby to put out the fire COMPLETELY. There should also be a fuel break around a fire of inorganic materials so the fire won’t spread (approximately 1m). If the wind is strong enough to blow sparks to combustible material, DO NOT light a fire.

Fire Warden Ben

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