OCP Review - Forum 5 - Land Use - Second Session

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

The LCA OCP Review Committee welcomes you to join us for the second portion of the Forum dealing with the objectives in the Land Use section of the OCP. At our August 31st community meeting there was a lot of lively discussion on the list of objectives we had to look at, and we were unable to finish the whole list. We have only seven topics remaining to take commentary on, and hope that you will return to the Community Hall on Saturday, September 28 at 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm in order that we can wrap up this lengthy series of forums.  We have altered our original meeting time and will begin 2 pm, following the Pete's Lake Water Association meeting.

The remaining objectives are listed on the OCP web page here:


We have scheduled our usual three hour format, but are extremely hopeful that we will be able to get through these objectives in less time.

We thank everyone who has participated thus far and wish to remind you all that this process has more steps.


  • One (or more) community meetings to engage in a Vision Statement to be included in the OCP
  • The Committee will be collating the completed word-smithing done by the sub-committees for each forum, and presenting our report to the LCA.
  • An LCA public meeting to discuss the final results of the data collected at the forums


At this point, the Committee's report will be presented to the Local Trust Committee. There will still be more opportunities to comment on any issues that you feel are important to speak to and we encourage you all to engage with your Local trustees to share your thoughts.

We are very grateful to our community for hanging in there with us during this process. We know it's been long, and we know that 3 hours per forum is a long time to plant one's self in a chair. We so appreciate your patience with picking through our OCP item by item, listening to your fellow community members, and truly appreciate your participation. We are collectively creating a document that represents our current shared values and interests and will inform local governments.


For the LCA OCP Review Committee


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