Thoughts on the ferry.

Hi all,

It's great to read all the opinions you have been sharing here, but I have a request: please email a Ferry Committee member, too! We are hoping to get a good sense of the wishes of the community, and it will be much easier to collate if we have emails, rather than having to collect them as they are published here. So please, take a moment to send a copy of your thoughts to us.

Ferry Committee members:
Sue Kristinsson 250-333-8809 
 <skristin44 [at] hotmail [dot] com>,
Tim Peterson 250-607-7094
<timpeterson24 [at] yahoo [dot] com>
Marilyn Darwin 250-333-8852
<marilynd4 [at] icloud [dot] com>
Peter Johnston 250-333-8785
<pjohnston [at] lasqueti [dot] ca>
Shelley Garside  250-333-8585
<shelley [at] garside [dot] ca>,
Ray Lipovsky 250-240-9503
<raylipovsky [at] gmail [dot] com>


For the record, I am mostly fine with the schedule as-is, but I would like to see the medical Travel Assistance Program (TAP) honored on our ferry most of all. The books of tickets were pretty handy, too. I doubt that we will get funding for much in the way of increased sailings, but I am hoping that we can get TAP honored, especially with our ageing population. Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts on this.

Tim Peterson



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