Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting Monday, May 27

Event Date: 
Monday, May 27, 2019

The agenda package for next Monday’s LTC meeting (May 27, 11am at the Health Centre) is posted at  

It’s 75 pages long and includes:

a staff report on our OCP/LUB Review (p13-17)

a staff report on  Freshwater Sustainability Project by William Shulba (p 19-25)

a staff report on Public Engagement on Lasqueti Island for Visions 2099: The Future of the islands in the Salish Sea (p 26-67)

Unrelated to this meeting, there has been a re-shuffling of planner resources in the Gabriola Trust office, and Sonja Zupanec, who has been our Lasqueti planner, has been re-assigned and replaced by Marnie Eggen, who becomes Lasqueti’s planner.  Huge amounts of appreciation and thanks for all of Sonja’s work over the years, and a welcome back to Marnie.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. There is a scheduled Town Hall Session at the beginning of the meeting, where anyone is welcome to speak on or ask questions about any Lasqueti Trust Committee or Islands Trust matter.




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