Sea Level Rise workshop Thursday

The Sea Level Rise workshop begins at noon Thursday, at the Health Centre. Everyone welcome. The information below is from an Eventbrite registration page, which is optional. Everyone is welcome to attend, registered or not.

This workshop is designed to help communities begin planning for the impacts of sea level rise. The goal is to share information on sea level rise by presenting a slide show on what sea level rise is, its impacts on our communities and the potential adaptation measures available for communities with limited resources. It is also to make you aware of the different steps needed to start the planning process through interactive exercises and to offer some tools and resources to help with the next steps. Come and join us and talk about how sea level rise will affect you and your community and what can be done about it.

This is a collaborative project, in partnership with Ecology Action Centre and funded partially by Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the Real Estate Foundation of B.C and the Islands Trust.


Living Oceans Society.    Organizer of Sea level Rise Workshop

Living Oceans Society has been a leader in the effort to protect Canada’s oceans since we formed in 1998.

Founded in Sointula, a small fishing village on the Central Coast of British Columbia, our influence has grown to be national. Living on the coast, we are reminded each day that it’s not just about the fish—it’s about the fish and the people. We advocate for oceans that are managed for the common good, according to science-based policies that consider ecosystems in their entirety.

As a founding member of SeaChoice, we work to improve the sustainabiliity of seafood available in Canadian markets.


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