efficient 12/24v DC fridges and freezers

Here are the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices for Unique Off Grid 12/24v DC fridges and freezers:

UGP470 (24 volt only)     white    470litres/16.6cu.ft.    $2320

UGP-370  black or white 370litres/13 cu.ft.    $1850

UGP-290 stainless steel  290litres/10.3cu.ft.    $1650

UGP-290    black or white   290litres/10.3cu.ft.    $1540

UGP-260     black or white    260litres/9.0cu.ft.    $1380

UGP-170    black or white    170litres/6.0cu.ft    $1130

UGP-108    white    108litres/3.8cu.ft.    $930

These are all upright, front-opening fridge/freezers, with larger fridge compartment and smaller freezer.

Upright freezer-only:

UPG-175     red    175litres/6.1cu.ft.    $1380

Chest (top-loading) freezers:

UPG-265    white    265litres/9.3cu.ft.    $1490

UPG-50    white    50litres/1.7cu.ft.    $780

These prices do not include taxes or shipping. Aztec Off Grid in Nanaimo will sell for approximately these prices, plus taxes, if we order at least five units. Three are already committed, with one or two more still thinking.

More information on each unit is available through:



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