Proportional Representation Referendum

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Friday, November 30, 2018

You have or will soon receive your mail-in ballot for the pro-rep referendum. 

Please be sure to vote!  And encourage your friends, family, and neighbours to vote too -- this could be a game changer for democracy in BC, but we really need to get out the vote!!

Our antiquated "first-past-the-post" (FPTP) system serves only to consolidate power with big political parties and their corporate lobbyists, who are running a well-funded campaign intended to confuse and scare voters with bold-faced lies about proportional representation. 
All you need to know is this:  under ANY of the pro-rep systems being considered: (i) you vote for a local representative (just like FPTP); (ii) you vote for a specific person (just like FPTP); (iii) your vote always counts (completely unlike FPTP);

Most importantly, the change to pro-rep is non-binding -- we will run 2 elections using the new pro-rep system, and then revert back to FPTP if we don't like it.   There is nothing to fear.

Here's some additional information from Fair Vote Canada (

Two important things to remember:

1) The second question is optional. If you just vote for proportional representation in question one, your vote is counted.

2) All three PR systems share key outcomes in common and they're all better than first-past-the-post. They're all proportional. They all maintain local representation. They all ensure that no region will have fewer MLAs.

Those who derive their power from the "first past the post" system are out-right lying about how pro-rep works -- get the facts at

If you need a quick way to help you decide which systems best fit with your values, we recommend taking and sharing this short quiz:

Need more resources? 
Official Elections BC site:


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