Health Center News

The referendum has passed, and there is a lot of work to be done to make the most of the space now that the new operating funding is in place. The Lasqueti Last Resort Society Board will be meeting with our new Regional Director to discuss the arrangements for instituting the new service area in the near future. As well, the Board will be putting out a call for expressions of interest in a paid Administrator position, in conjunction with a call for volunteers to help reduce the costs associated with some of the duties currently assigned to the Administrator. Due to the expiration of the current Administrator contract in December, this is an opportunity to rework the contract. Also, we will be assessing the report of the Operations Committee, and looking for further efficiencies. Other ongoing projects including the building of more independent living units also require consideration. Your input in this process is very much desired, and we will continue to hold and advertise both Board and General Membership meetings. General Membership meetings are a good opportunity for asking questions, sharing your ideas, and getting involved. If you wish to specifically address the Board as a delegation, let us know, and we will make space for you on our agenda. The Judith Fisher Centre and Health Centre belongs to us all, as a community, and everyone is cordially invited to come and explore the opportunities as we enter this new and exciting phase of its development.
We will be holding our next Board and General Membership meetings on Tuesday, November 20th, at 3 and 4 PM respectively.
LLRS Board of Directors
Tim Peterson
Nicole Murphy
Ron Abrams
Marilyn Darwin
Frank Buffam
Gwen Bigsby
Robert Wallace
Sandy Morrison
Tom Carter
Doanne Grinnell


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