Question 4 from David & Laura re: reletionship between Regional District and Tla'amin Nation

Below is a response to one of 6 questions posed by David and Laura Slik on the email list on Oct 7, 2018.


Question 4. If elected, how would you approach building an active and healthy relationship with the Tla'amin Nation?


It is important to develop healthy relationships with all First Nations whose traditional territories include Lasqueti.

The Tla’amin Nation has a treaty signed with the Provincial and Federal governments ( I have read the final agreement, and believe that it is important to understand it to ensure respectful and informed dialog.

In 2004, the Regional District and Tla’amin First Nation signed a Protocol Agreement for Communication and Cooperation ( This agreement forms the agreed-upon basis for strengthening the relationship between the Regional District and the Tla’amin Nation.


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