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Are you thinking about giving up to the rush and murmor of the mainstream torrent downstream like a dead fish to accept that vaccines are safe and effective consider the following first.

bear with me this a bit longer……:-)

Here’s a red flag to see and behold, yet it is easily missed due to lack of coverage due to the many-multi-billion dollar vaccine/pharma industry ownership of what you may think of as free speech press, to others prominently known as fake news outlets.

would you buy a car from a manufacturer who needs a military style tribunal, hidden away from the public eye, to protect it’s technologies failures and IF proven guilty for having delivered crap will not be liable anyway, because your “refund” will come from a government account i.e. the taxpayers!.

And how good is such a refund when your life or that of your children has been destroyed, you are debilitated beyond seeming repair, and the energy you need to set things right in the VACCINE COURT (google it, it’s happening in a country south of you), fighting there for years, before you will get any financial help, is what you really should be spending to stay alive or get better. yet this is a reality for many american families, only a small fraction of those seeking compensation will actually get some. STILL, so far many billions have been paid out, yet the vaccine makers and their billion dollar business model seems the contrary, they are making more money than ever. Is that a reason to stop with that business model?

Wikipedia on Vaccine Court:

While DOCtors have undergone years of “education", another word for inDOCtrination (they had their minds DOCtored with), without much time to question the supposed facts presented, such as the mantra:
“VACCINES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! just administer them!”, the denial of adverse effects beyond the ones officially recognized is in my german eyes like what it must have been like to deny the holocaust in Germany in the 40s when it actually took place all around you with the argument: “the government would never allow such a thing, they are here for our best”
well good luck in the church of that belief.

My neighbor here is a young doctor, for the last few days she’s been running around moaning about her cold/flu and spreading it around, yet she is afraid to take my mega doses of VitC/Ascorbic Acid mixed with baking soda 2:1 to become Sodium Ascorbate, which i take until bowel tolerance symptoms arise, which works wonders for me time and time again, and all she can say about it is the old myth: “you are producing expensive urine!” and "I am afraid to take that”, yet i offered it for free, for days, she’ll rather suffer and spray BIG PHARMA shit up her nose. This is exactly what scares me about doctors…while they otherwise and obviously can be the nicest people, they are very very brainwashed!

One american MD, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, who i had the chance to get to know firsthand myself, when she became my partners two week long in-house guest during her lecture tour through the nordic countries in 2014. My partner had asked Dr. Suzanne, if she could witness for her in court on the dangers and risks of vaccines, when her only son’s dad, who had moved 700 km away to his home country Sweden, had taken her there to force her to vaccinate their son, originally triggered by wanting the son to receive the swine flu vaccine. He wanted medical custody, although they had shared custody already, even though he didn't pay child support, only had his son in the summers for a few weeks, in a country, where taking vaccines is voluntary, and according to the government health service website: “when parents do not agree, the state will not interfere". As an aside she lost the case, and had to let her ex and the medics “rape” her child with nervous toxins such as mercury and aluminium, among many other substances that are not supposed to be or even allowed in vaccines but are there anyway.

Here’s a vaccine content poster you may wanna read and print and hang on your wall as a reminder and question whether you want such stuff in your body, or if it belongs there!!!

Anyway, Dr Suzanne, check out her video talks on Youtube,
or read her well researched and well referenced book from 2013 “Dissolving Illusions - Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History” Especially look at the history and see how all infectious diseases that vaccines were eventually developed for were already 95-98% down when the the first specific vaccines for each were put on the market. Read the Polio Chapter in that regard as an eye-opening example!!!

I posted it scanned from my copy in my dropbox account.

(i promise you that you will be amazed, bewildered and then disgusted, for those who don’t want to feel that just forget it! Dream on! We are living in a free world still to a large extent!)
Dr. Suzanne lived with us during the time up to the court date for two weeks. She did the witnessing for free, because she got to love my girlfriends son, all she asked was that we cover her cost to rescheduling her flight home to the US. In the two weeks up to the court date, with her mobile office, she was diligently going through the latest research for many hrs each day, sifting through PUB MED and other sources, solidifying her “grown from experience” convictions that vaccines are inherently unsafe, and that they prevent natural, and more effective immunity form ever establishing in our bodies.

She woke up from this vaccine nightmare during the swine flu “pandemic”, yes “they” and WHO (World Health Organisation) wanted us to believe it was a pandemic, the same people who now think it’s no worse than any piddely flu. She was a nephrologist (kidney specialist) at some big northeastern US hospital and a lecturing professor at a medical school. Several of her previously healthy patients had taken the swine flu vaccine and came down with kidney failure, a connection that was clear to them, in their bodies, yet not to the doctors, among them Dr. Suzanne, who had the mantra “Safe and Effective” in her head, but not much more according to her. Shocking she calls it herself now, how little they actually know about how vaccines are made, their history and so forth. She did all kinds of bending out of shape in trying to genuinely help her patients. Researched a bunch into it, It all seemed to point blame at vaccines, but NO, that couldn’t be, so do some more research, and again, the finger always pointed at the vaccines not being safe and effective at all, until she could no longer deny the connection, told the hospital supervisors about conviction change gained through finally doing her “homework”, but was told to shut up, until she saw no other way but to quit her well paid job with nice car and a nice house, her lifestyle as a respected member of society and take to the road to inform as many people as are willing to hear the wake-up call.

Many who have rare autoimmune diseases, such as myself, asthma, even autism (one in 65 americans born will be autistic nowadays, up from one in 10000), the list is very long and in most cases the connection, years after having received a vaccine, is nearly impossible to prove, and where do you go with your symptoms? To a doctor who most likely will not see the connection, consider your condition incurable and pump you full of more unsafe products from BIG Pharma, according to the books. The benefit for BIG MONEY shareholders is self evident. Create a fire and try putting it out with Gasoline! Win-Win for them!

So instead of being lulled to sleep by aforementioned mantra, “do your HOMEWORK!” as Dr Suzanne called it, most doctors, she claims have not. Both my brother and his wife are general practitioners in Norway and have scoffed at my concerns about vaccines for years, but there seems to be a waking up taking place, last time my 14 yo niece was due for a MMR vaccine refresher, her doctor mom quietly opted out of the scheduled appointment, she told me because she could never figure out why when her girl had received the original shot, she had stomach problems for a year, and they as doctors were unable to do anything about it, but as parents had their suspicions….

Anyway good start are Dr. Humphries videos, her book(s),

or the video documentary
or another by Jeff Hays Films:

Or look up Sayer Ji’s very informative Webresource:

have a great informed summer
Robert Ammicht

shiningwave [at] gmail [dot] com


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