Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality

On Immunity   an Inoculation  by Eula Bliss    (Greywolf Press, 2014)
from Notes p 169-170

Page 35  A comprehensive report on vaccine "adverse events" was released in 2011 by a committee of medical experts who reviewed 12,000 studies of vaccination for the Institute of Medicine. This report is titled "Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality" and can be downloaded in full from the Institute of Medicine's website. The committee examined 158 possible adverse effects of vaccination, but found convincing evidence of only 9 adverse effects, 4 of which were related to contracting chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine.

Over the two years it took to assess all the scientific evidence available to them, the committee worked without compensation. When I asked the chair of the committee, Ellen Clayton, what motivated them, she responded, "I was going to say the goodness of their hearts, and it's that too, but the other part is that it's an opportunity to contribute to policy making in the United States. There's a strong history of the policy makers around vaccination relying heavily on a series of reports from the Institute of Medicine."

The institute of Medicine is an independent, nonprofit research organization whose mission is to help government officials and the public make health care decisions based on reliable information. Its members, medical professionals elected by their peers, donate their time and expertise to the institute's studies. Members who sit on committees are screened for conflicts of interest and their work is examined by outside experts. In 1986, Congress assigned the task of periodically reviewing the risks of vaccination to the Institute of Medicine. The 2011 report was the result of the twelfth such review, and the largest study to date.

The Institute of Medicine is now called the National Academy of Medicine and its website is  
The report can be accessed directly at


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