Local Collection of Contact Info

In response to my earlier request for volunteers, a group of four have come together for the purpose of updating our neighborhood contact info. They are: Marilyn & Jan Darwin, Dianna Maycock, and Sylvia(Dublin). Expect to be contacted by one of these people in the coming weeks.

The contact info gathered will stay local and is a working part of our emergency response plan. The effectiveness of a response plan for a widespread disaster hinges on the ability to communicate important info in both directions (top down/bottom up). Please assist those gathering this contact info by responding to their requests for info ASAP so this step on the path doesn't drag on.

In closing and in keeping with our "Lasqueti culture of self reliance"----"know your neighborhood".

More to follow....

If you have questions or want to volunteer to assist, don't hesitate to call.

Thanks, Ross (Local Assistant Emergency Coordinator) 8680


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