Provisions Holiday Wishes and Hours

Good morning everyone! Dorothy and I, along with the rest of the elves here at Provisions are going to be shortening the business hours temporarily until the end of the first week of January, 2018.

  We would like to thank the community for another amazing year serving the community and thank everyone who has supported us! This coming spring will mark 3 years since we opened Provisions and has been quite the journey. During this period we have worked diligently to provide a place for all of the island to meet, hear out all of your stories of living here along with the challenges and joys that come with it, dine together, shop, play and listen to music, read and spend time socialising with those who we share this island with. It is with great joy I can assure you all that we will continue to be here next year and devote our hearts to continuing to nurture an environment where everyone feels welcome and is given the attention they deserve.

  I, along with Dorothy, have been extremely busy mentoring certain individuals in the community this year and teaching some of them how to cook, bake and work in the hospitality industry. Some of them have had some experience, others have had none. This is an ongoing process and has been the main focus of this year. Watch for next year as we bring these folks into the spotlight in terms of letting their creative abilities shine. There may be some times when your food or groceries will take a little longer to be served or bagged but I am confident that watching others grow into the role of serving the community will be well worth it. We are amazed by how positive the response is from everyone here when they see the results of all this work and so thrilled for those who continue to embrace what we have to share with them.

 While posting this message I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone who is reading this, that is to say not just the permanent full time residents but all of the seasonal residents, visitors, their families and friends how grateful we are to be able to continue to provide year round food service, fresh daily baking, essential groceries and most importantly, love, laughter and companionship to all of you. It's proof that anything is possible in this world.

Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts for allowing us to share in all of your lives, not a day goes by where I am not reminded of just how lucky we all are to be here!

 A couple of quick notes to let you all know that today, December 20th, is the last day of the year Provisions will be open until 5 pm.
Starting Thursday, December 21st, on Winter Solstice we will be opening at 10 am instead of 7:30 am and closed at 4 pm every day that we are open  ( Yay! Longer days ahead! ) Although I posted the hours in the Isle and Times and on social media I am reposting them as a grid so if people want to know whether or not we are open they can just look here or put them on their cell phones as a screen saver.

The hours for the remainder of the year are as follows:
Thursday December 21st / 10 am - 4 pm
Friday December 22nd / 10 am - 4pm
Saturday December 23rd / 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday December 24th ~ CLOSED
Monday December 25th ~ CLOSED
Tuesday December 26th ~ CLOSED
Wednesday December 27th / 10 am - 4pm
Thursday December 28th / 10 am - 4pm
Friday December 29th / 10 am - 4pm
Saturday December 30th/ 10 - 4pm
Sunday December 31st - CLOSED
Monday January 1st - CLOSED
Tuesday January 2nd / 10am - 4pm
Wednesday January 3rd / 10 am - 4pm
Thursday January 4th / 10 am - 4pm

 New hours will be posted at the end of the first week of January here, on social media and on the ferry, post office, school as well as on the door and gates of Provisions.

 Thank you Lasqueti, wishing you all Seasons Greetings and best wishes for an amazing New Year!

 all of my best wishes,



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