Official Community Plan review

Many Lasqueti people think it is time to begin a review of our Official Community Plan (OCP), and Land Use Bylaw (LUB).

If you are interested, it would probably be a good idea to read these two documents. The OCP is meant to state the philosophy and goals of the community, and the LUB the nuts and bolts of what is and isn't allowed on the various parts of the island.

OCP is at

LUB is at

Please make note of things that you think should be changed, things that you think should be included or excluded, and things that you think should be retained or possibly strengthened.

Both are PDF documents.   There will be some printed copies of the OCP posted at the community hall, post office, Provisions and on the ferry.

The Advisory Planning Commission (APC) will be meeting about the referral from our Local Trust Committee on Shoreline Protection, at the Community Hall, 7pm on Tuesday, December 5

I am hoping that everyone who is interested in Shoreline Protection and other OCP and LUB issues (including a review) will attend. If you are unable to attend, please let me and/or other members of the APC know of your interest and concerns.

APC members:  Andrew Fall (chair), Peter Johnston (secretary), Doane Grinnell, Lisa Johnson, Nadine Simpson, Sue Kristinsson, Tom Weinerth


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