Advisory Planning Commission meeting to discuss Marine Shoreline Protection Project

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 7:00pm

The APC will be meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, September 12 at the Judith Fisher Centre to discuss a referral from the Lasqueti Trust Committee about the Marine Shoreline Protection project.

The major request is that the APC review Attachments 1 to 3 of the staff memo (link below) and provide general comments to the LTC on the framework being considered to develop the draft bylaws.

The staff memo can be found at

The main recommendation topics the APC will discuss are:

1. Recommended amendments to the Official Community Plan policies and Land Use Bylaw regulations to enable formal shoreline protection measures

2. Introduction of draft Development Permit Area provisions for marine shoreline protection

3. Introduction of draft subdivision regulations designed to limit fragmentation of the natural boundary of the sea without reducing subdivision potential


Additional information on the Marine Shoreline Protection project can be found at

The public is invited to attend the APC meeting.

A mailer on the topic is being prepared, and a public meeting is tentatively scheduled for October.


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