Comments on Guest cabins from Jessie McCooey

Growing up on Hornby Island where our community was around 1200 locals dwindled down to a small 400 to 500 people later on due to price of property, lack of rentals and lack of work. Hornby turned into a haven for the rich to buy property and only use it during summertime, not renting to the community during winter months. Or for the few people that did rent during winter months, kick their tenants out for the summer. This makes it hard for local employers to have  year round employees for their businesses. Which means businesses have to shut down during winter months. So no work during the winter and no rentals mean people have to move off island in order to survive. Locals have to rent their cabins/homes in the summer  to pay the land taxes, make a living and keep their properties.

Personally I don't want Lasqueti to turn into a "Hornby", I believe people should be able to come and maintain their properties reasonably if they need to rent out the cabin to pay their mortgage, their land taxes and keep their property, I think that's acceptable. We need to make a living too.


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