Seeking Bat & Toad Observations

Hi everyone!

We at the Coastal Douglas-fir Species at Risk project need your help this summer! We are on the lookout for two species over the next few months, and were hoping you would be our eyes and ears over this time. Here is what we are looking for:

Western Toads
Between now and August, you may see large swarms of toadlets (juvenile toads) migrating across roads, paths, forests, and lawns. If you see a swarm, please take note of the location (ideally GPS coordinates), note the date and time, take photos (if possible) and send the info to our email address below. See the photo below for an example of what they look like! 

We are also on the look out for summer bat roosts. Do you or someone you know have bats in your attic? How about your shed? If so, we’d love come have a look next time we are on the island. Feel free to send us any info or photos you may have.


Please send your sightings to: atheneecological [at] gmail [dot] com


Thank you for helping us with our project! 




Aimee, Chris & Dan 



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