Provisions wants to turn your fruit and veg into yummy goodness!

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 15, 2017

Charlotte here for Camino an Dorothy at Provisions:

"We want to remind everyone on the island that either has a garden or farm that produces more than they need that we directly support local farming. At present as have ongoing relationships with several islanders from smaller gardens to larger farms that help us with the growing demand for local produce.

Although currently our garden is not large enough to meet the communities needs we are gradually expanding the produce we can use to cook for you all and are dedicated to sourcing the best that is available each season.

If you have a crop of seasonal fruits, edible herbs or vegetables that is more than you can use please contact me and we will directly purchase what we can to support the chain of local farming on the island.

This is truly what cooking and community is all about!"



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False Bay Provisions

General Store, Bakery, & Cafe

Open for breakfast, lunch and meals to go. We serve organic coffee, pie, ice cream, sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh bread and pastries. Pizza is served during the summer on Fridays. 


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