Bring ID to vote in provincial election Tuesday 8am - 8pm @ Community Hall

To be able to vote in Tuesday's provincial election, you should bring ID with you. A complete list of acceptable documents is at

A BC driver's license or BCID or BC Services card (with photo) will do, or two pieces of ID or documentation (preferably government or institution issued). At least one must have your current address.

If you don't have acceptable ID, you can be vouched for by a registered voter resident in your electoral district, or an adult family member, or a person who has authority to make personal care decisions for you. More information at

Voters can vote at any voting place in BC, and not necessarily in your assigned voting place as stated on your voter registration card (which for Lasqueti is the Community Hall) All voting places are open from 8am til 8pm.).  More information on where to vote at

or phone Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 or see   for any other information




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