Wooden snap traps are still the best


Veteran Rat Extermination experts support Jessie's information to the public regarding rat infestations.  Clearly the guy in the photo above knows how you feel if suffering a rat infestation.  Experts advise is to start by finding and sealing the rat entry point(s), this can be and usually is difficult and time consuming, then place traps where "rat runs" are visible....droppings and grease marks.... check traps at least daily, preferably 2x per day/night or even more often.  Once you have eliminated the confined population you have managed the problem until they find or create another entry point.  As clearly stated in the caption on the photo above this guy and most of his peers state unequivocally that the standard snap trap is still by far the best tool for the job.  Experts advise that the more traps you use the better your results will be.  A dozen traps is a common number mentioned by rat exterminators, any bait will work and some rat exterminators state they rely on trap placement only (no bait).

Yours in Solidarity (against the Rat)


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