agenda package for PRRD Committee of the Whole meeting, Thursday at 4pm

The Committee of the Whole meeting (where discussions take place and decisions are made about what to recommend to the board) is scheduled for Thursday at 4pm. You can watch and listen on their webcast available at

This is the meeting when they will discuss, and possibly decide what to do about, the E-DAC report on emergency dispatch for Lasqueti.

The agenda package is available at

You can get it in either splitscreen or html format by going through  then clicking  Meetings, Minutes and Agendas at the bottom left (to get to  then clicking Agendas at the bottom of the page (to get to  and choosing Committee of the Whole (to get to, clicking on 2017 and choosing one of the three versions of the 20 April agenda - html, pdf or splitscreen.

Items that might be of interest to Lasqueti people:

3.1 delegation: Maura Walker and associates, re Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Unfinished Business
4.1  Request for Decision: Electoral Area E Emergency Dispatch  p 15-33
4.3  email correspondence from Andrew Fall re Lasqueti dispatch: legal opinion   p 37-8
4.4  email correspondence from Brian Pitt re E-DAC memo  p39
4.5  email correspondence from Andrew Fall re Lasqueti dispatch: legal opinion  p 41-3
4.6  email correspondence from Kathy Rogers re E-DAC report  p 45 (it's actually from Dave Rogers)
4.7  email correspondence from Shelley Garside re Lasqueti Island Emergency Services p 47
4.8  email correspondence from Marie-Ange Fall re Your staff is astray  p 49
4.9  email correspondence from Shelley Garside re Additional Note for COW meeting March 16  p 51

6.3  Request for Decision: Lasqueti Community Association - request for transfer of Community Works  p 77987
6.9  Request for Decision: Quote for Asset Appraisals  report available Tuesday
6.10 Request for Decision: 2016 Regional District Audited Financial Statements  report available Tuesday



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