Judith Fisher Centre

Time for a Judith Fisher Centre Grand Re-Opening?

We think so. A couple of days ago the Last Resort Society directors received an email from a long time islander who has contributed, and continues to contribute a ton of time and energy to the Health Centre project. It was a real eye opener for us. In part, the author told us:

"Over the last decade, islanders have poured an amazing amount of their time and money into this centre. It is important to honour their contributions by making the building accessible to a wide range of island health needs. We don't need reminding how dangerous the label of "elitist " can be. Better to have the building become an integral part of the community. If the Centre becomes a hub of healing- both physical and mental- the whole island will be a healthier place to live."

They were right. In our zeal to protect our amazing Health Centre, the Board has made choices based on principles of caution, cost recovery, and risk reduction. Here we are, close to celebrating the first anniversary of our grand opening, finding the Health Centre under utilized. It was always "the plan" that  the "Judy" would be the hub for health and wellness related activities. We very much want to make it so.

To that end, the Board wants to clarify the policy around the usage of the meeting room (nurse's waiting room on Thursdays). Effective immediately, any member of the Last Resort Society can arrange to use the room for any non-commercial health and wellness related activities (meeting, discussion group, etc.), at no charge. Please contact Melinda Auerbach at (250) 333-8891 or healthcentre [at] lasqueti [dot] ca

We do, of course, welcome donations from those using the room. We also encourage new members. Membership is only $5/year, and it is really easy to join at the JFC website.

Yours in health, the Last Resort Society Board of Directors.


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