Next Soil order

Winds are switching to Northwest this weekend and the sunshine is a coming with Spring. I do have some soils on hand if you need it asap or next soil order Saturday March 25.

Pre-order and get it to the ramp for easy pick up.

Call or email to place your order. 240-7307 islandbluff [at] hotmail

[dot] com Sale price is + tax PRE-ORDER ONLY Shipping Included 15% Discount for full pallets

HP Promix $41.95

Seeding Mix $43.55

Lime $14.25

Peat $ 22.75

Worm Castings $32.55

More Bloom $31.55

Alaska Fish $33

My Soil $16.65

Manure $4.75

Oceans + Earth Fish Compost $13.05


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