- ROAD NOTICE - Annual Dust Control - June 29/16

Application of the dust control product (magnesium chloride) is scheduled to begin early to mid afternoon Wednesday July 29 and may continue into the night. This is the same product used over recent years, except last year. Two spray trucks will be applying the product and they will be driving in or near the Centre of the road when spraying.  If you see these trucks working please give them lots of clearance as they may have spray bars extending beyond the standard truck width and air born particles from the spray stick to whatever they contact.  For at least the following day expect the product to stick to whatever it touches, your feet, your motor cycle and bicycle chain, tires etc.  The salt is not toxic however the concentration level is such that if you walk your dog on the road very far (?) before the product has dried (a day or two) the salt may cause sore tender feet.

Ross     for Emcon Services



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