Fire Safety,

Our local fire hazard rating has risen to HIGH.

For those undertaking "High Risk Activities" this is your notification that the clock is set as to when "Early shift" begins.  Please ensure that you understand BC Forests regulations and your responsibilities.  As a reminder, anyone undertaking an activity that includes the operation of any internal combustion engine in a forested area other than on a developed roadway or other previously developed landing or clearing fall into the BC Forests category of "High Risk Activity".  I'll list a few examples for clarity, water pumps, generators, chainsaws, all (steel) track machines, skidders, quads, etc.  Keep in mind that because an activity is allowed does not mean BC Forests wont use the courts to recover costs if the point of origin of a wildfire is found to be within your area of activity.  Example, walking a track machine or running a skidder across a grassy field and some hours later a creeping ground fire takes hold and makes its way to undeveloped forest.

Questions?   Call me  8680   or Coastal Fire Centre Parksville  (250) 951-4222


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Fire Safety

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