possible entry into the community :)

i am kind of trying to reach out to anyone here willing to accept this or has information about legality towards the idea i have


im 27 hardworking male, lived my life in and out of the city. in search of some where im able to build a artistically built wooden cabin, by hand. and film it as a documentary about living off the land . im hoping to do this for this spring all the way threw to winter.

im a good person, and would love to help out if anyone needs heelp and might consider it a trade for a small piece of land i could build a cabin on, ive always been into this idea and iv prepared for the better half of seven years now. im ready/ i have all the equipment i need and can carry it in on my back in one go. i will use the land to build the rest whilst respecting it all the meanwhile.


i am signing up and inquiring here to be respectfull or to see if you all could direct me by google map to a area you would prefer i did this in, or would work best, or if anyone wants a hard worker, who also has knowledge of horticulture, chemistry and the sciences , i would love to help garden again, bit rusty since school but always had  a green thumb.


looking to finish my life long project documentary please help me with your advice town of lasqueti