Critical Mass

Our Isle & Times article from July 2008

After eight months of articles about the website, perhaps you’ve all really suffered enough, so with summer here, I’ll be writing less often. But there is still lots happening on the site. now has well over 100 registered users, many of whom are posting their classified ads, making announcements, putting events on the calendar, displaying their beautiful photographs and artwork, and listing their home-grown produce and home-made crafts. Our business directory already lists over 30 local businesses, artisans, and food producers. 

Based on the feedback and contacts I’ve had from folks locally and “abroad”, the new site is re-kindling fond memories, connecting people with events, generating sales for local artisans, and painting a small picture of our island home. For example, Ken spent 18 months here while growing up in 1947, he recently saw the site and wants to publish the Lasqueti-related chapters from his book there to share his memories and history with current island residents.

I’m not sure the website has reached the “tipping point” yet – but it is already being used in ways I hadn’t imagined, and its been exciting to watch it start to grow and take on a life of its own as the community adopts it and breaths life into it. And it’s very easy to take part – if you can send e-mail with an attachment, then you can use the site to post notices or announcements, and share your inspirations, artwork, or photographs with our community, both local and far-flung.   I only ask that you try it.

On somewhat related note, I do think that the Saturday Market may be reaching its own critical mass – if you haven’t been out this year – go! Fresh coffee and baked goodies, BBQ, made-to-order salads, hand crafted chocolates (yum!), locally grown organic produce, arts and crafts, even hair cuts! But beyond that, it’s just good fun and a great way to support our local producers and artisans. I can hardly wait for Saturday…

Many thanks again to all of those who’ve taken time to point out a bug or make a suggestion – please keep your feedback and ideas coming! In the fall, I’ll run some workshops for anyone who wants to learn a little more about using the website effectively. As always webmaster [at] lasqueti [dot] ca (8849) Joseph


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