What good is it?

Wondering how you can use the new website?
What to know how it might enhance the arts, culture, communication, and sense of community on Lasqueti? 
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We've always lived without it - why would I want it now?

I'll try to address that question and demonstrate how the site can be used to integrate infomration in a way that is not possible in other mediums. Unlike paper notices and flyers, there is no cost to posting news and announcements on the website, and your news goes out immediately, rather than on the next mailing.  With subscriptions, that news can be delivered right to interested folks e-mail inbox!

No one can disagree that Our Isle and Times plays a central role in knitting our community closer together. I am certainly not suggesting that the website should take over its role, but I wanted to use article from the I&T to exemplify how the site can improve communication. What you see below is a list of article titles from the July 2008 issue of Our Isle and Times - get out your copy and follow along!  Beside each title is a link to that same article posted on the site, where it appears 'in context'.  Most often, you be taken to a related page and you'll see the article listed in a block on the right, or at the bottom of the page (you may need to scroll down in some cases).  Of course, each article is also a page in its own right (just click on the article title) - and each article is listed elsewhere on the site as well, in a Blog, in the Calendar, in the News, or the Classifieds - and always in My Community, where you'll find all recent articles.  But here I'm showing you how articles can be given a "context" to improve the overall communication.

Ferry Summer Schedule lasqueti.ca/island-info/lasqueti_ferry (a news item attached to the Ferry page - look right and scroll down)
French Creek Green Parking lasqueti.ca/services/parking (a news item attached to the Parking page)
Propane Depot lasqueti.ca/services/propane (a business page with a news item attached)
Reminder lasqueti.ca/node/397 (an event posted by Peter)
Eighth Annual Dance Performance & Costume Ball lasqueti.ca/dance (an event attached to the Dance page - look right for event calendar)
20th Annual Lasqueti Arts Festival lasqueti.ca/culture/arts-fest (a community page with a news item attached)
What Are You Hungry For? lasqueti.ca/community/market (a community page with a news item attached)
Advanced Notice lasqueti.ca/24-hour_church_of_beer (an event notice attached to a page)
Contact Improv Dance Workshop lasqueti.ca/node/410 (an event/announcement with an poster attached)
Chinese Medical Qi Gong Classes lasqueti.ca/node/411 (a basic announcement)
Music Coach lasqueti.ca/node/412 (a classified ad in Services Offered)
Solstice Gathering & Party lasqueti.ca/node/413 (an event announcement)
Iyengar Yoga Workshop lasqueti.ca/node/378 (an event posted by Betsy)
Summer Dance Workshops lasqueti.ca/dance (a page with an events calendar - look right - and a news item attached - scroll down)
Last Resort Society lasqueti.ca/services/lastresort (a community page with a news item attached)

The best part is that you can do this yourself. Although I posted most of the articles above (a few were posted by their original authors), it's really no more difficult to post an article on the site than it is to send Terry an e-mail with an attachment - really! Next time you have something to share with the community, create and account, and try it yourself. If you want to attach your news, event, or blog post to a page on the site, simply select it under "This item is related to..."

If you're wondeing how you can get a page on the site to give your business, artwork, service, or whatever a permanent home, please read this month's web article in the I&T, and contact the webmaster.

Whether you enjoyed this article or found it useless, please leave me a comment below - just press "Add Comment" and enter your thoughts - I'm very interested to get your feedback.  Thanks.