A Web Page for Everyone!

Article from the May issue of Our Isle and Times

Part of the LIAS mandate for the lasqueti.ca website is to provide access to web space for everyone in the Lasqueti community. Whether you run a pottery studio or cement mixer, you offer a valuable service that others should know about – and you can have a page on lasqueti.ca to showcase your work. LIAS will fund the development of a basic page – you provide the copy and photos, and I’ll design and build a web page for you, free. Whether you primarily cater to the community, enhance local arts and culture, or provide services for visitors, your page will be linked in where folks will find it. And your page can have a number of features, including an events calendar, a photo gallery, a product list, or a running journal, depending on how you want to use it and keep it updated.

Presently, I am developing pages for the Lasqueti Market Association – have a look, it is going to be very cool:

  1. Farmer’s Market. This is now the “front tab” for the Marketplace (lasqueti.ca/marketplace). It provides a virtual “market stall”, where producers can display their wares. This means you get a summary of what is currently available from each farm, bakery, or craftsperson in the market.
  2. Market Pages. Click on the farm’s name in the Farmer’s Market to get contact and other information about the farm. For example, the new greenhouse operation on the island can be found at lasqueti.ca/jewel box farm. Here you can find out what Shawn and Thalia are up to, and get a detailed list of the produce they currently have for sale (and they have some really good stuff!).
  3. Product Pages. If you really want the scoop on a particular produce item, simply click on it. Each product might provide a photo, price, and details about the variety, growing methods, etc.

While you’re checking out the new Farmer’s Market, have a browse through some of the other tabs in the Marketplace. These tabs provide a variety of different ways of seeing what folks on Lasqueti have on offer so that you can get your goods and services locally. If you want to get listed, just contact me.

Tip o’ the Month: The “My Community” page provides a complete list of everything new on the website. The list is ordered latest first, with a “new” indicator for any items you haven’t looked at yet! The blocks in the right sidebar give you finer control to view the latest forum posts, classified ads, etc. 
My Community is only available when you are logged in (in your personal menu, left sidebar). It’s sub-menu provides quick links to community content and your postings in each area. Use this page to quickly stay abreast of everything happening on the site.  

Thanks to all of those who’ve taken time to point out a bug or make a suggestion – your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me, as always webmaster [at] lasqueti [dot] ca (8849) Joseph



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