Lasqueti Christmas Elves

   Once again those delightful Lasqueti Elves have made the difficult wintery 

journey up the rocky irregular hilltop pathways to where I and the other 

elder rams, of hardened countenance and shaggy appearance, dwell.
Astonishingly, these Elves carry huge unwieldy seasonally decorated boxes they 
themselves have created containing items so delightful and mouthwatering 
which they have gathered it is a wonder these elves are able to resist 
emptying the boxes into sacs and dashing back down hill to their own 
rustic larders to feast for weeks by candle light through the long dark wintery
evenings on these treats, as well they might. 
   Yet these warmhearted selfless souls cheerfully carry forth their joy, 
merriment and nourishment to rescue we old rams from 'ice-olation, 'ferry 
barfophobia' and other seasonal hazards. 
And not without a piquant humor these Lasqueti Elves, as my box was 
adorned with a curious wrapping depicting green brussel sprout heads 
wearing red and white fur trimmed Santa hats. Probably this was to remind 
me they knew of the time I was able to muzzle my way under a garden fence 
to feast down in the valley gardens and they weren't going to let me 
forget it.
   Also there appears to be some concern among the Elves that my dishes are 
not receiving adequate attention, as a new type of 'scrubbie pad' was 
included amoungst the jams and jellies and fruitcakes and such.  So to 
honor this gift I pledge to wash my dish at least once every month whether 
it needs it or not.
   Beyond this, words fail me to describe my appreciation of this kindness.  
So should you see a trace of footprints across a snowy field, you can know 
as I do there is a joy upon our island enough to light the world.