Contact Improv Dance Workshop

Event Date: 
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"A workshop presenting a map of principles that support safe and exhilarating journeying through the territory of contact improvising."

I am pleased to announce that Carolyn Stuart is coming from Portland, Oregon to teach a five-day workshop in Contact Improvisation from July 19-23. Carolyn has been studying, teaching, and performing C.I. sicne 1984. The first two days will be a workshop taught by Carolyn. The following three days will be a lab format to explore and further the teachings of the workshop facilitated by  Carolyn.

Produced  by "There Will be Chocolate".

Workshop Fees:  including food, and daycare for the full five days is $150

Please see the attached poster and contact markyoung [at] lasqueti [dot] ca for further details, or to register.

ContactImprovDanceWorkshop.jpg97.3 KB


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