urgent - stand against China Canada buy out

Hi all,

This could go into effect by Nov 1st!


I don’t think there is anything more frightful for all Canadians than the idea of China (a non-democratic, communist country) owning major companies operating in Canada with Free trade rights to Canada’s resources. I can’t understand the motives of our Prime Minister in making yet another free trade deal – adding to the many he has already made with countries that have resulted in us – Canadian tax payers – paying massive amounts of money to corporations who said their profits would be reduced by our laws.  Not only is this happening at all, it is happening without any public or legislative debate! For a very clear explanation to back this up please read this article:

I just signed on to this urgent campaign to stop the Canada-China trade deal, and its unprecedented giveaway of our natural resources to foreign control. This is an important issue and I hope you'll join me: http://www.leadnow.ca/canada-not-for-sale?t=te

In days, Prime Minister Harper could approve the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company’s $15 billion takeover of Canadian oil company Nexen, and pass the most secretive and sweeping trade deal of a generation. This deal would pave the way for a massive natural resource buyout and allow Chinese corporations to sue the Canadian government in secret tribunals, restricting Canadians from making democratic decisions about our economy, environment and energy.

Most Canadians have never heard of FIPA, the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement, because Prime Minister Harper is trying to sneak it through without a single vote or debate in Parliament.

Canadians have a right to determine our future, but this agreement will undermine our democratic rights and lock us into an inescapable path of foreign-ownership and resource extraction until at least 2040.

The Canada-China FIPA is set for automatic approval on October 31st unless we get the word out now that the Harper Conservatives are trying to sneak this deal by Canadians. If enough of us raise our voices now, we can create a massive public outcry to stop this devastating deal in its tracks.

Click here to send a message to Prime Minister Harper and your MP that Canada is not for sale:


Thank you,

Sheila Harrington


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