Favourite Poems for National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, in both Canada and the U.S., and for all I know in other countries.

I've started a Favourite Poems site on the Lasqueti website, where we can post poems we love, that have made us laugh or cry or think or see something freshly. This would NOT be for poems we have written ourselves (though someone could start such a page) but rather for poems we've run across by other people.

You can post your own favourite poem using your personal blog, simply by tagging a "blog entry" with the "Additional Subject" as favourite poems.  Complete, step-by-step instructions are available: http://lasqueti.ca/books/how-to/create-favourite-poem

I'll start with a poem for the season by A. R. Ammons, a wonderful, original voice in U.S. poetry who published many books of poems, usually combining observations from nature with personal philosophy, in an accessible, engaging way. He died a few years ago. If you like this poem, I recommend checking him out on Google, where you can find lots of his work. I think the Regional Library has one of his titles.

Enjoy! -- Sue


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