It's A Community System

Hi Laurence here, I am rewarded by the level of involvement and applaud Willy's patience in explaining the issues. My problem with Peter's comment's (and similar ones which I have had over the years) is the implicit assumption that our board of reasonably intelligent persons is incapable of noticing the obvious.

For instance when it was mentioned that people who haven't paid will be cut off the response (just like Gillies Bay) the reaction was "why don't you collect your money, we can help with that"! Duh. I wish that people would assume the other direction ie: with somethiong as obvious as paying there must be other mitigating circumstances. For one example: someone doesn't have their radio connecting properly to the access piont or simply gets poor service dosen't want to pay for it, we understand and try to arrange better service when finally we have done everything we can we tell them loose what you have or start paying. (In this situation the person is deteriorating the quality of service for all the others on the same AP and is usually comletely unaware of that.)

The Board are doing everything in their power to sort things out. My advice to anyone who has what appear to be obvious criticisms or questions is to attend one of the monthly board meetings and become apprised of the numerous situations they are regularly addressing and trying to priorize.

Everyone who does the math says "wow pots of money what is the problem," that is what Gillies Bay thought. We have fiscally responsible directors, if we didn't it would be your fault for electing them, but we do. What Directors primarily do is count money! When you do the math and figure out that there is pots of money, then go to the treasurer and add up the other side of the equation (there are actually two sides). Then go to our employee who puts in a minimum 40 hours a week and gets paid for ten and suggest he demand more money.

The communities can-do attitude and the involvement we do have from clients has been what has kept the system running and slowly improving.

Thanks tons to our board, Larry, Jamie and all the folk who have helped over the years and continue to appreciate the service.