Pepper News!

JB's BABIES Pepper Update: ONLY CHANCE to get Gypsy (Sweet) and
>Jalapeno (Hot) babies in 3" me ASAP or stop by the Teapot Stand, as these last 15
>plants need to get into gallon pots right away. They are not ready
>for outdoors, but for those with greenhouses this is a chance to get
>beautiful pepper plants earlier and cheaper. Once I put them into
>gallon pots the price goes up significantly for you later on, as does the work load
>for me carting them inside my house every night and back out into
>the greenhouse in the morning.  If you are set up to take them early, it works out great for us both!
>These peppers are $4.50 each, or $4 each for 2 or more
>I will start repotting them by Mother's Day so call or
>email soon!
>Jodi Beth 333-8590 or jodibeth90 [at] hotmail [dot] com


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