Young man, lost, possibly drowned

This young man apparently left Texada Friday evening in an attempt to swim to Lasqueti.  If you have seen him here on Lasqueti since Friday, please contact Peter Johnson and/or info [at] sharingbackyards [dot] com.

Howler - missing person

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 00:22:41 -0700
Subject: Your prayers, thoughts, and positive visualizations are needed!!!
From: info [at] sharingbackyards [dot] com
To: punkpuffin [at] hotmail [dot] com


Greeting Rainbow Cathedral members,


This message is a bit different than the usual fare.


A dear friend has gone missing this weekend, from Diversity festival on Texada Island. He apparently attempted the swim between Texada Island and Lasqueti island.


He is a gentle, strong, open-hearted, playful man. His name is David, though I know him as Howler.  He has shared many a dancefloor with us and always brought a great energy to any space.


Please use your powers of visualization. Picture him safe, healthy, warm, and in good company. Send blessings to his kin and family. Pray in whatever way you know. Please pass this along to your networks.


In love and thankfulness,


Mountain Eyes
Rainbow Cathedral



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