Drupal install moved to root

Yesterday I migrated the drupal install from its "hidden" location to its final home in the root folder on the server.

In order to keep the old website functioning, I moved it to its own sub-folder (lasqueti) and put in a redirect on the server to direct users there.  It will mean some broken links and odd behaviour if folks have bookmarked pages inside the site, but it was better than mixing the two systems.

Fun was had when the redirects I put in kept dropping - so the site was popping in and out for most of the day.  For some reason, the redirects are sticking now, and I've got an html redirect in the root folder just in case.

This migration was a neccessary last step before adding loads of content, as I need to make cross-page links in many posts, which is a lot easier once the site lives where it is supposed to.

Hoping to get some content loaded in time to release the site for Mar. 25... we'll see.