News & Events for Fire Safety

Reminder: High Risk Activity Shutdown At 1:00 Tuesday

Reminder to all that due to our high fire hazard level, all high fire risk activities must be stopped at 1:00pm, starting Tuesday July 28th. A 2 hour fire watch is required after completing your high risk activities.

Be safe and fire smart.

Fire Warden Ben

High Fire Danger Rating

Our local fire danger rating has been increased to HIGH. As of Tuesday, July 28th, high risk activity restrictions will be in place. This means that the shutdown time for all high risk activities is 1:00pm from Tuesday on, followed by a two hour fire watch.

In the Wildfire Regulation, high risk activities mean each of the following: 

Burn Ban

Reminder to all that Category 2 and 3 fires are now prohibited. 

Burn Ban Rescinded

The Coastal Fire Center has rescinded the burn ban, effective Friday June 19 at noon. All open fires will again be permitted. This rescind means that campfires, Category 2 and 3 open fires and Resource Management Burning are permitted everywhere in the Coastal Fire Centre’s jurisdictional area.