Island Tides


Island Tides is an independent, regional newspaper on Canada’s West Coast.

Island Tides has been publishing a print edition every second Thursday for fifteen years, during this time its readership and sphere of influence has been growing steadily.
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The colourful newspaper circulates across BC’s Strait of Georgia from Tsawwassen to Victoria and up-Island to Nanaimo and beyond. Island Tides is also delivered into every mailbox in the Southern Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring, Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna Islands.

Homeported in the Canadian Gulf Islands National Park, Island Tides draws on British Columbian writers. The newspaper covers an eclectic mix of local, regional, national and international topics–serious and light-hearted.

Island Tides' writers use background information and history to provide context to help readers from far and wide make sense of conflicting information. Island Tides' point of view is positive and innovative. The newspaper seeks to give representation to solid, non-mainstream news and ideas. Island Tides gives readers a relaxed, informed 'West Coast' feeling!