Directory View


This module creates a view of nodes by-category, to form a simple, 2-column directory.



  • a taxonomy to list nodes by category - I use the primary "Category" vocabulary here;
  • a View to select the nodes to be listed in the directory and create a nice layout for them;  I use the 'market_directory' view to select Marketplace nodes, and format them in a "Table" layout.


  • Any number of columns can be created;  I am using a 2-column display.
  • The "depth" of traversal can be set as the views argument option;  I use a depth of 2 here.
  • A complete listing a all terms is possible; I only list terms associated with some node data.
  • By default, each tree for top-level terms is put into a collapsed fieldset using the term as the legend.  This creates a very tidy, minimalist view of the directory, making it easier to navigate.

Source Code

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The source code is attached below...

Full instructions for installing and using this module are included as comments in the source file.

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