Custom Theme

One of Drupal's primary powers is the seperation of the data processig from the presentation. takes full advantage of these abilities by defining a custom theme.  The "lasqueti theme" is documented here, along with some sub-pages that describe some of the custom theme programming.

The Lasqueti theme is a "hard-coded" version of the Denver theme.  Denver is a very flexible theme and specifies vitually everything with configurable parameters.  That is great for proto-typing, but slow for the production site.
The Denver theme was set-up to look "correct", and them copied to the Lasqueti theme.  The Lasqueti theme was then editted to "hard code" the various parmater values set in Denver.

Several additional changes were made to Lasqueti theme, for example:

All of this is documented in the sites/all/themes/lasqueti readme.

The Lasqueti theme could have a set of sub-themes, which simply change the banner for special parts of the site (e.g., like the marketplace) or provide style to hide images or other bandwidth intensive content (a low-bandwidth style).

Important - from the Denver Theme readme file:
"to prevent rendering errors in IE you must enable the CSS Aggregator in admin/settings/performance... Enable "aggregate and compress CSS files" to make your production drupal site run faster, and to prevent IE rendering errors."