Custom Forms

Anywhere the user can enter data is a form.

Mostly, these forms are generated by Drupal and the sequence the fields are presented is controlled using the field weights (manage fields under Content Types).  However, there were a few cases where input forms were customised to improve their usability (mostly to make them less daunting to the community).

  1. Page node input forms.  These forms display when the a new Page node is created or when a Page node is editted. Customized node forms include page_layout_b (Market Page).  These are long, fairly complicated forms, so I grouped some of the fields into fieldsets to make them easier to manage.  Code includes:
    • phptemplate_node_form($form) - selects forms to be modified and applies custom template
    • also provides a crude access control mechanism to hide the Taxonomy selectors, which generally don't need to change for these types of nodes once they have been set (by the admin on page creation).
    • See for details