Vocabulary "Mock Menu"


This module creates a "mock menu" from a vocabulary, with links to the terms at a given base-path.  This is very handy for providing a menu that links to a view with a Taxonomy:Term ID argument.



  • a vocabulary to create the menu items from;  I use the primary "Category" vocabulary here;
  • a base-path for the menu links - the term ID will be added to this base-path; my base-path is "marketplace/browse/listings"


  • most useful when combined with a View using a Taxonomy:Term ID argument;  I use the 'market_listing' view to generate this menu as a "summary view" in a block displayed at the base-path.
  • The "depth" of traversal can be set to limit the menu depth;  I use a depth of 2 here.

Source Code

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The source code is attached below...

Full instructions for installing and using this module are included as comments in the source file.

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