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Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard.
A really fun look at some of the underlying causes and solutions to our obsession with stuff!
There's lots of good information (and a higher quality version of this video) on the The Story of Stuff website.

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History of Oil

A humourous look at the development of the age of oil and its role in world politics and economics - the information in this video should be in every high school textbook, but I'd bet you'll be hard pressed to find it in any.

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Money as Debt

Unlike all the 'consipricy theories' that populate the web, this video provides a largely dispationate, objective look at what money is and where it gets its value.  Although it was produced before the current financial crisis erupted, it sheds a great deal of light what's going on in that murky financial world where trading bits of paper creates 'value', without needing to invoke any gran

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Lasqueti Lenders - Kiva micro-loan team

I want to recruit you all to my lending team, Lasqueti Lenders, on Kiva:

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Is there anybody out there?

Just wondering if anyone is finding posts like this.  If you see this - leave a comment below.

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