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Landfill Harmonic

Humbling yet inspiring, heartrending yet joyful -- if you need a lift, watch this...

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What to do with expired vehicles?

The shipyard has now "closed it's gates" and will not be accepting any more vehicles - this raises a crucial question for our community - what will we do with the old junkers that all of our vehicles will eventually become?

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FIPA gets 60 second breifing in House of Commons

Our Prime Minister is about to sign a long-term trade deal with China that threatens to ham-string every level of government in much the same way as Ch. 11 in NAFTA.  This is the only discussion that will take place on this issue before the Conservatives simply sign it into law...

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Locked up on Lasqueti

On page 4 in this week's Island Tides newspaper (Oct. 18-31), a Lasquetian "Asks Eileen" about locking doors.  Her response is such a perfect elucidation of the freedoms of living lock-free - recommended reading!

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Urgent action needed to Stop FIPA

Mr. Harper is completely selling out Canada, behind closed doors, with no parliamentary debate.  He is poised to sign a trade deal with China as big as NAFTA - developed behind closed doors and in secret for years, details of this deal only emerged a few weeks ago!!

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