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bullfrogs, thistles and spurge laurel

I was out for a walk this morning and noticed that someone has cut the tops of the thistles all along the road near our place. Thank you! Cutting the flowers and stopping them from spreading at this time of year is helpful to keep these invasive plants from taking over.

Deleted Islands

We can all write letters like this. If they get enough of them, they might think twice!


- Oil, Gas and Alternate Energy Division, Environment and Climate Change Canada

 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

 - Environment Minister Catherine McKenna,

MP: Gord Johns (Courtenay—Alberni)


Green Party info

This information was in response to my email asking about vote splitting. 


Love-a-lution - song about Climate Change by my dear friend Diana!

Listen to this song Love-a-lution created by my dear friend Diana Lindlay - now posted on the UN site - Paris' Convention on Climate Change.


Putting the ENglish Bay Aprll 2015 Bunker Fuel Spill into Perspective

 Putting the English Bay (Vancouver BC) April 2015 Bunker Fuel Oil Spill Into Perspective.


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